Building Plywood Boats

Building Plywood Boats


Vintage Canoe Plans

Vintage Canoe Plans

  People have been building boats for most of the past century.It is a tried and true technology which is still a great idea for the home boat builder today.Most commercially built small boats,these days,are made from fibreglass and plastics.This is a difficult technology for the home boat builder.Building a boat from plywood is still the easiest way to go for most people.

The plywood most used for boat building is ordinary exterior grade plywood which is available everywhere at lumberyards and building supply stores.Interior grade plywood is not suitable for boat building since it is not waterproof and will delaminate if it gets soaked with water.Marine plywood is the highest grade but it is more expensive and not available everywhere.

I have built several plywood boats over the years (yeah I am not a youngster).You can even build an eight foot dinghy from just one sheet of 1/4 inch exterior plywood.Plans for this great little boat are available at very low cost so you can build yourself a nice boat for $50 or so depending on what the wood costs you.

I have built two of these boats.The first was from 1/4 inch plywood and weighs just about 35 pounds complete.It is light enough for one person to carry it some distance to the lake,if you can,t park near the shoreline.The second one I built from 3/8 inch plywood.It is considerably heavier and sturdier.The light one though is perfectly fine for lake fishing or just having fun.It can accomodate two people with their fishing gear quite comfortably. Take a look at the free boat plans here: <a href=””>free boat plans</a>


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