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Free Plans For Vintage Model Airplanes

May 17, 2011

Building model airplanes is one of the worlds most popular pastimes today. There are hundreds of thousands of model airplane enthusiasts in the USA and in most other western nations. Ever since flight began at the beginning of the 20th century model airplane building has had hordes of keen adherents who are continually improving the types of model planes they build.

Some model plane builders are interested in speed, others in flight duration, yet others make the most detailed and realistic models possible. There are many other interests right up to the present day radio control models.

In the early days of model planes most models were either rubber band powered or gliders. Combustion engines and jets were to come along later of course. Many of these very quaint looking early models had surprisingly good performance. It is really interesting to build some of thewm from the original plans and to try them out to see how they fly.

At our website you can find free plans, downloadable in PDF format for interesting rubber poered models. ?Why not give it a try? You can see them here and get thgem free:

Take a look at s great old video:


Free Plans For Musical Instruments

May 10, 2011
Making musical instruments for yourself and others to play can be really 
interesting work. There is alsothe advantage that you can make 
instruments which are unique and which you will not be able to buy in 
stores. Sounds produced by playing these hand made instruments are 
quite different from the sound of of 
standard instruments and are quite unique really.

The Rebec fiddle is a folk instrument which has a very unique sound. 
It is a very interesting string 
instrument which is reasonably easy to make, and it actually plays 
very well indeed. It can be a fine 
addition to any band, or a solo instrument which can play great 
music. You can find free plans for 
the rebec fiddle at our website.

Shepherds pipes are a fantastic woodwind instrument which can be 
made in treble, alto and tenor variations. It is made from bamboo 
and making it is a very interesting experience. You will learn 
how to tune this woodwind instrument by altering the construction 
here and there.The sound produced by these pipes is melodious 
and soothing. They also are a great addition to a band or fine 
for solo performances. You can find free plans for Shepherds Pipes 
also at our website.