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Vintage Plans

May 3, 2011
Greenhouse Plans

Greenhouse Plans

For many years I acumulated hundreds (literally) of plans for building all kinds of projects. I liked to make for myself some of the things I wanted or needed. So I stored away lots of plans. Many of them came from magazines such as Mechanix illustrated, Popular Mechanics and other magazines of that type.

I found later that most of these plans which were published pre -1964 were in the public domain, since the copyright had not been renewed as required.  Copyright laws changed in 1964 and material published after that date is copyright for a longer period of time. The meaning of this is that most material published in the USA prior to 1964 is in the public domain and can be republished or used in any way by anyone who cares to use it. This includes not only printed matter but also audio and video (movies) .

I have republished some of this material in my new website Vintage Plans and intend to add more plans daily or as time permits. This includes plans for many different types of items. Anyone who is interested in vintage plans will find a treasure trove here as time goes by and more plans are added to the website. They can be downloaded free in PDF format. Take a look now at Vintage Plans and bookmark it for reference.